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From our Essex factory we have the machinery and the expertise to advise, specify and manufacturer self adhesive labels for all types of industries and printers.
If you have a requirement for self adhesive labels then RLS can manufacture labels to exceed your requirements.
A label is not simply a label.  There are many aspects to labelling that need to be considered to ensure the label is right for the project and budget:-
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What is the label being adhered to and what environment is the label used?

Qualifying the environiment and surface the self adhesive label is to be adhered to will assist in deciding the adhesive type. If the label is to be overprinted then this information will also be a deciding factor on the media and the printing method.

By matching the adhesive and paper type to the task we can ensure that we manufacture the right label for the task required.  For example for a label to be easily removed

From simple removable labels to chemical labelling we have the expertise to meet your needs.

How long do your labels need to last?

3 Days?    6 Weeks?    8 Months?    Many Years?

This information will help to decide the most suitable label material to use and will influence the print method and the adhesive type.

If the self adhesive label can be manufactured on an economy grade material or if a higher quality synthetic medium is required.  If the print on the self adhesive label must be legible for extended periods then this can have an influence on the material type and printing method.

We supply materials to meet all requirements from simple paper labels through to tamper evident synthetic labels and labels for the chemical industry.
Label Supply Specification
Knowing this information will ensure the self adhesive labels are manufactured to suit. We will ensure that the labels are manufactured to the meet the supply specifications of your equipment ensuring that they will simply work.
We will also advise you if you are trying to use a label that is outside of the specification of your equipment, we can highlight this to you and advise you accordingly.

We manufacture labels for all of the major printer brands including but not limited to:-

Does the label require overprinting?

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Need variable data labels printed for you?

Our in house label printing bureau may be just what you need. We can supply and print self adhesive labels from just about any data source.  Using our knowledge of label printing you can be sure that the labels we produce for you will be within specification and timeframe whilst surpassing your expectations.

Contact us to discuss your label printing requirement.

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Our self adhesive labels are manufactured to exacting specifications ensuring longevity to exceed the requirements with the correct adhesion qualities to stick firmly according to the required product. Fully qualifying the label life time helps to ensure we supply the correct face stock and adhesive on the label production. The material type of the label used and the printing method opted for producing self-adhesive labels are considered by our manufacturing team so that only the best and most suitable self adhesive labels are produced, supplied and supported.
Our label production method ensures the right information is gathered about the type of material the labels are to be used on that helps in designing it in the way it yields the best. Labelling needs many aspects to be considered and the team at RL Solutions cover all these aspects before making self-adhesive labels for your products and therefore exceeds customer expecations all within required timeframes.
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