Self Adhesive Labels
Self Adhesive Labels
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ALstep S
ALstep M
The ALritma label applicator range are perfect for any
environment where speed and accuracy are required.

Built around a robust and inovative structure and utlising a
touch screen control panel this operator friendly applicator can
be utilised for many different applications and industries. 
Having an onboard memory for up to 40 formats each label
applicator head can be setup to label different products and
label sizes with just a few simple adjustments.
Capable of a running speed of up to 40 metres a minute or a
maximum of 500 products per minute along with the vast
range of configurations and options makes this product one of
our most versatile and popular.

Some of the options...

Hot Foil Coder
Self Adhesive Label Printer
Transparent Label Sensor
Pnuematic and air blow apply
Near End of Label Sensor
Speed Encoder

The IP55 rated ALritma means it can withstand harsh
environments while still providing amazing label application
ALritma S
ALritma M
ALritma L
Boasting speeds up to 100 metres per minute, capable of
applying up to 900 self adhesive labels within 1mm
accuracy, the Alritma X is the ultimate in high speed
acurate label application.

Extreme speed on standard labels
Most other high speed label applicators require the use of
self adhesive labels mounted onto a special plastic backing
paper that is hard to snap. The ALritma X untilises a new
push pull method.  Normally the backing paper is pulled up
to speed to apply a label but with the speeds we have
achieved with this applicator the backing paper would
simply snap. So our clever engieneers have devised a
unique push pull system whereby the labels at the roll end
are pushed while the backing paper is pulled at the beak
end. It is this ingenuity that has resulted in the extreme
speeds this machine is capable of using standard self
adhesive label stock. This fucntionality not only increases
the speed dramatically but the tension kept on the web
also ensure we keep amazing label application accuracy.

The ALritma X product is perfect for high volume high speed

Will I need to change labels more often?
Good question, well with the new speed we also increased
the standard label roll diamater from 300mm to 400mm
greatly increasing the amount of labels on a roll. Resulting
in more production and less downtime.
ALritma X
The ALcode is perfect for when you need to print variable data
labels and then apply the label you have just printed.

As the name suggests these applicators are designed to
simply print a label of variable data and apply that label to a
product. Utilising the Sato range of industrial print engines
these label applicator work horses can be connected to your
network and fed label data from your exsiting IT infrastructure.

We have the expertise to assist you in creating the label data
through the use of windows drivers or writing code directly to
the printers. This combined with an onboard PLC for
controlling when the label is applied along with confirmation of
label application makes these robust machines ideal for
integration into existing production environments.

If integration is not an option we can also provide offline
options allowing batch data to be entered through a number
of methods and printing without the need for integration into
your existing software architecture.

The ALcode can be supplied with many different label
application actions and is specified and built around the
specfic customer requirements.

The ALcode label applicator range are therefore the perfect
solution for one to one direct print and apply projects.

Small Economical Label Applicators

Fast and Accurate Label Applicators

Extreme Speed Label Applicators

Direct Print and Apply Label Applicators

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Our entry level ALstep label applicator is ideal for entry
level label appplication at an affordable price.

It has a cleverly designed solid structure frame allowing
the label applicator to be mounted in any direction and
rotation and thanks to it's small footprint is ideal for
installing into restrictively spaced areas.
Boasting a very simple to load label path makes
changing your self adhesive labels a breeze, also if a
label is missing from the roll the label applicator will
automatically feed the missing section of backing paper
when it reaches the beak helping to ensure a self
adhesive label is always applied.

The intuitive and easy to use control box ensures the
operator can easily configure the label applicator to apply
labels of various sizes and shapes to all kinds of
products and positions.

These economical label applicators come in two sizes
and have the following specifcations:-

Max Label Width = 100mm
Max Apply Speed = 30 M Min
End of Label Roll Alarm = Yes
Auto Feed Missing Label = Yes
Label Apply Counter = Yes
Label Prrinter = Optional
Speed Encoder = Optional

Max Label Width = 200mm
Max Apply Speed = 20 M Min
End of Label Roll Alarm = Yes
Auto Feed Missing Label = Yes
Label Apply Counter = Yes
Label Prrinter = Optional
Speed Encoder = Optional
ALritma S

Max Label Width = 100mm
Max Apply Speed = 40 M Min
End of Label Roll Alarm = Yes
Auto Feed Missing Label = Yes
Label Apply Counter = Yes
Label Prrinter = Optional
Speed Encoder = Optional
ALritma M

Max Label Width = 200mm
Max Apply Speed = 40 M Min
End of Label Roll Alarm = Yes
Auto Feed Missing Label = Yes
Label Apply Counter = Yes
Label Prrinter = Optional
Speed Encoder = Optional
ALritma L

Max Label Width = 300mm
Max Apply Speed = 35 M Min
End of Label Roll Alarm = Yes
Auto Feed Missing Label = Yes
Label Apply Counter = Yes
Label Prrinter = Optional
Speed Encoder = Optional
Second hand units occasionally available for sale or rent.  Contact us for more info
Second hand units occasionally available for sale or rent.  Contact us for more info
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Fast Label Applicator Vertical
High Speed Label Applicator
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All of our label applicators are built to order.
Each build is based around the customers exact requirements.
We build our applicators to ensure that they are perfectly fit for purpose.
By following this ethos we ensure our clients receive the
right label applicator for thier needs.
Our range of label applicators include small economical label applicators for simple budget processes, extreme speed labellers for high speed labelling,
direct one to one print and apply solutions. We tailor build each solution to meet our clients exact requirements.
This sounds like it will be large?
Unbelievably the ALritma X is actually smaller than our standard ALritma applicator head.

Tight production schedule, need to change labels automatically?
You are in luck. We have also designed the Alritma X label applicator so they can be linked together to auto swap when one stops. This will mean that your production run can carry on without stopping while the labels are changed.

Like the idea of extended runs but do not require the speed?
Fortunately you can order the ALritma X without the push pull system therefore reducing the cost and the speed whilst keeping the larger label roll capacity.

Hold on what about the IP rating?
Like all our of our other products the ALritma X is IP55 rated.
Pallet Labelling
Print and apply label applicators are prefectly suited to labelling pallets.  Having the ability to print variable live data instanly makes them the perfect pallet labelling solution.

Despatch Labelling
Using a thermal transfer printer as part of an applicator gives these machines the ability to print and apply address labels with specific destination and courier information.  This functionality is perfect for package distribution.

Real time Data Labelling
With the use of a real time clock in the printer it is possible to print batch codes and date time stamps on each label as they are printed and applied.


Different label applicators can apply adhesive and sticky labels of different dimensions and other specifications as per customer requirements. Customers’ product details and samples are required before supply of these label applicators so that these label applicators offer the labelling service exactly as required for the clients product. Moreover all our label applicators have strong and solid structure forming firm machinery and their narrow footprint provides ease of installation in all kinds of restricted spaces.